CMC M-087 1:18 Mercedes-Benz SSKL, Clear-Finish 15th Anniversary Model + Display case



. The dashboard is complete with instrumentation
. Leather steering wheel and seats
. Folding top is covered in leather
. Spare wheels fastened with a toggle screw
. Stainless steel tank cap that can flap open and close
. Exhaust pipes of flexible metal hoses
. Double-leaf engine hood with louvres and filigree hinges
. Running board for the spare fuel can and the tool box that includes some miniature tools

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Product Description

CMC is known for manufacturing high-end replicas that are true to minute details and built of premium materials. This SSKL is designed to show the premium materials used: Zinc alloy, brass, copper, aluminum, tin plate, stainless steel, rubber, leather and so on. To this end, the replica must be left unpainted. That is what CMC did for this limited edition, except that the body is protected with a clear coat. The SSKL limited edition is dedicated to CMC’s 15th anniversary as a token of our gratitude to all customers and friends for being so loyal to the CMC brand over the years. We will persist in our pursuit of excellence so that CMC can live up to your expectations.

These are impossible to source, it’s a brand new example supplied in all its boxes together with the mirror base display case (factory photos show a timber base display). This was the first of the unpainted premium models, very hard to find & a prized piece for serious CMC collectors.

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