Roco 10825-MMS + 10814 z21 Start WIFI & Multimaus DCC Digital Control System


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Fully unlocked, plug & play UK specification control with English language configured handset & supplied with UK 3 pin plugs. As an option we can supply the handset configured in your language of choice & with standard European 2 pin plugs should it be required.

Simply set up and get going with your smartphone or tablet PC. With the revolutionary z21 model railway control system you can experience a maximum of driving fun and true to the original perfection. Operate your entire railway layout and all your trains and wagons with your smartphone and tablet PC (not included). Now also with photorealistic driver’s cabs of the original locomotives. As a world first you can experience the journeys through your model railway layout from the perspective of a real locomotive driver in the future. The built-in cameras in the locomotive transmit live pictures of your journeys to the driver’s cab on your tablet PC. You will forget everything else! With a simple touch of the screen with your finger you can control all digital components: for speed, sound, signal functions of the locomotives – as well as the switch lines, motions and sound on the layout. In addition to that z21 makes the creation and assignment of functions uniquely easy!

The z21 start version for beginners (white box, little z at z21) has the same features as the Z21 for experts with only a few smaller connection and configuration limitations. Left out are LocoNet, CAN-Bus, the X-Bus port on the backside, the Sniffer-Bus, the possibility of a decoder-update for Zimo-decoder and the programmable track port as well as the track current regulator. In our experience few modellers will ever actually use all these features & 99% of modellers are happy with a z21 start if fully WIFI enabled.

With the Multimaus handset up to 9999 locomotive addresses can be operated with direct input; 64 can be stored in a data bank and labelled with names: for example 103RB (103 red-beige). Per locomotive up to 21 functions (including headlights) can be activated if the machine has been equipped accordingly. The locomotives can alternatively be operated with 14, 28 and 128 driving levels; this can be basically defined but if needed it can be changed and adapted for each locomotive on demand.

With two different ways of programming you can adjust your locomotive decoder according to your own wishes: The most important CV values from one to five are accessible with the button combination “menu” and 1-5, the total of 255 possible CV values can be addressed with the programming menu. Of course all values up to 255 – depending on the decoder layout – can be programmed.

Switch mode: the multiMaus can switch up to 1024 magnetic devices! These elements have to be equipped with an electric device and be connected to a magnetic device decoder. The programming of the magnetic device decoder is done electronically via the tracks.

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