Roco Minitanks 05051 HO 1:87 Opel Blitz with universal van body Wehrmacht


Minitanks vehicles are the epitome of detailed military miniatures – for anyone with an interest in military vehicles. For the past 35 years these models have been delighting collectors and non-collectors alike. This enduring popularity is one of the main reasons that Roco has finally decided to bring these much loved models back to the market. Created using precise plastic injection molding techniques, this range is defined by a remarkable wealth of detail. Numerous collectors around the world have already built up impressive portfolios of these 1:87 scale models. Now everyone can be a collector with the new Minitank kits. These sets are sure to inspire everyone, from new collectors to seasoned enthusiasts. The historical focus of the Minitank series centres on the period after World War II, with models drawn from the US army and the German Federal Army. The range of accessories is also being expanded. A series of stake wagons and heavy duty wagons from various epochs and nations, will regularly be added to the Roco and Fleischmann range to make sure that every vehicle – from the trucks and armoured cars of the 1940s through to the many different wheeled and tracked vehicles of today – can be transported to their respective sites of operations.

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Product Description

Picture shows the kit in its pre-coloured plastic, painting and assembly is required to complete It. Some images will show two different versions of the same kit, please note that you can only build one of the two shown versions with the kits components. These are very easy to put together and exceptionally easy to detail!

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